Daniela Crocco of Mmmchef , her husband Wendell and a staff member travelled all the way from Montego Bay where they were visiting to spend a day at the farm and find out more about Rowan’s Royale which they have chosen as their signature coffee. We are so honoured to have been chosen and look forward to a strong partnership, meeting each other’s high quality expectations!

Mmmchef is an unique Ottawa business which uses healthy, whole, organic food. No matter what your dietary needs are they can supply and your meal will be delicious. They have a weekly meals service, cater for private functions, offer custom service such as will stocking your freezer with a menu of your choice be it vegan , vegetarian, keto, celiac, or just standard and they have just opened their own café. Check them out on Facebook or www.bymmmchef.com.

Daniela, with Wendel winning “Ottawa’s Favourite Meal Service Award

Well, despite Google losing them and sending to the farm on the worst possible roads, they got to us safely. Enjoy all the photos.

They walked the farm escorted by farm team members, Ian Francis and Ali Naulty and adopted by my “rescue’’ Twiggy – a leggy dog who drives to the farm with me and makes sure I do all the correct things on farm….

I was cooking – a little nervous when you have a chef of repute to feed!! But, we thought they needed a taste oi Jamaica. The taste you never get in an hotel. So masses of fresh greens from the farm and a green gungo rundown. You will see the plates!

Ian had made up the fire and set out produce from the farm, coffee cherries in various stages, red, green parchment…

We had a wonderful time, a little perturbed when we felt an earthquake, but it did not stop us enjoying the visit. We wish that many of you support Rowan’s Royale could come and visit and experience and understand what we do, how we grow, what we grow, as well as coffee and the many challenges we face.

The team also had a look at coffee storage, how we pulp and process and our beans in parchment. Here is Daniela feeling the dry parchment that covers the dry beans until we prepare them for roasting.

We look forward to seeing them next year and helping them with their next Mystery Dinner when we are in Ottawa.

Just a reminder for those of you who might be in Jamaica. March 21st is the Jamaica Coffee Festival, held at Newcastle – if you love coffee don’t miss it. Rowan’s Royale will be there with both the Jamaica Coffee Growers Association and JAWIC – our Chapter of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance. Come a visit our booths and see what small farmers and women producers bring to the industry.