As 2018 departs, we look forward to the new year, to the opportunities it brings, but also, crucially, to the first harvest of 2019. The trees are healthy and abundantly fruitful. We cannot wait to harvest the new crop and share it with you all. There are many options in the marketplace, we know, and we are committed to creating not only the highest quality coffee, but doing so in a responsible and fair manner. Industry can be a force for good! Please take a minute to let us know what is important to you when “voting with your dollars”.Read More →

We are happy to announce that we now offer our premium coffee beans in an super-light, blonde roast. We now offer our coffee in the following styles: Blonde Light Medium Medium Dark Dark Espresso Blonde roasts are an often-overlooked style of coffee.  Light-bodied and acidic, they retain more of the original flavors of the coffee bean and plant.  Where darker roasts tend to have aromas and flavors of roasted nuts, toast, chocolate and even ash, blonde roast beans will produce light and airy aromas of grass and fresh grain and elicit flavors of citrus, light fruits and even pine. BlondeRead More →