A two-day Boxing Day gives one one wonderful time to relax ,restore and reflect after Christmas. And I reflected

Despite pandemic isolation, uncertainty and concern, I realised as I reflected that my strongest feeling throughout the year has been one of gratitude.

I am so grateful for the love and care of family and friends who although socially distanced always made me feel special.

I was not able to visit the farm as regularly as I used to ,but when I was there I appreciated even more deeply its calm, it’s quiet, its enrapturing beauty and the closing of its mist around me to protect and anchor my spirit. It made me recognise how full of wonder life is; a world of daily small miracles, which we often miss because we don’t stop, breathe and listen and look.

I am particularly grateful for my own special miracle performed by the doctors at the Ottawa Eye Institute where Dr Setareh Ziai and her team performed a cornea transplant on my left eye. (And I can see so well now!!.

Not driving yet though)

I’m also deeply grateful to that unknown person who donated their eye so that I could receive the cornea. I can’t donate my eyes but I can donate other bits and pieces… And I would encourage everyone who can to think about organ donation. It changes lives, brings hope, opportunities and for me sight.

I must also express gratitude to those who buy and support Rowan’s Royale Organic. You have faithfully continued your support despite delivery delays, sometimes of many weeks, and you kept us not just in business but resolved to build back much much more than better. Thank you so much.

And, on another very personal note, a big thank you to all who congratulated us on our 30th anniversary. It was 30 years, but it was also a celebration of 35 years of love.

Wishing you all a happy end of the Season and a brighter and better 2022 filled with love, hope joy and ,if possible, PEACE