Last week, Dorienne wrote about her personal experiences with the late Mr. Miller. While his legacy will live on in the farm, the produce and the coffee, and while we will remember him – those are silent tributes. With an eye to honoring his memory, we will be changing the name of his favorite Rowan’s Royale roast to “Mr. Miller’s Roast” so that his memory can be seen, engaged with and experienced for years to come.Read More →

According to STiR, hot-brewed coffee is healthier in key aspects than is cold-brew, while also discounting the claim by cold-brew advocates that cold-brewed coffee is less acidic than hot. The study by Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania concluded, in addition, that hot-brewed coffee contains more antioxidants and that hot brew coffee was more “diverse” than cold. Read the article from STiR here. The above-referenced article quotes and links to a report on the study published by Nature, the abstract of which, and a link to which is below: The abstract from Nature: “The acidity and antioxidant activity of cold brew coffee were investigated using light roastRead More →