The histories of Jamaica and the United States have been intertwined from before English and Spanish colonialism and after we won our freedom from England. Happy birthday to the USA.

From the earliest times, Arawak and Taino people traveled and traded with what would become the Southern United States. Free Taino emigrated to Virginia in the 17th century (under the protection of Dutch traders) and free Jamaicans were some of the first Black settler/owners in what would become New York.

The connections between the US and Jamaica have continued, with the US being of the first countries to establish diplomatic and co-prosperity relationships with the newly free Jamaican state in 1962. While we cannot ignore the ugly imposition of slavery on Africans stopping in Jamaica before sale in the South and while we must acknowledge a sometimes fraught relationship between the two countries, we also must none-the-less acknowledge a shared history of colonial domination and emancipation from the same.

For the above reason and to note our two countries’ continued closed ties and mutual relationships in commerce, defense, tourism and immigration and to acknowledge our US friends’ securing of their historical independence, we decided to celebrate in the most American way we could think: shopping!

Until July 5th, 2021 all ~1/2 and ~2/3 pounds bags of ground or whole bean coffee are $10 off with free shipping in the United States and Jamaica!