photo of red boxes

Like so many others, Jamaican culture has always revolved around the hearth – the warm embrace of home and care and nurturing and family. The hearth is the first thing tended in the morning and the last thing rested in the evening. It is where we find sustenance, where we find community and where we celebrate.

It has been a long year for all of us. It’s been a year of stress, trepidation, fear, and for some of us sadness and separation.

The capital ‘H’ hearth – the one we all know and remember in our minds be it a camp fire or a warm oven – is needed now more than ever.

This Holiday Season though some of us must stay apart, we can still all come together in spirit and in word. “I miss you” heard over the internet can be the same as “I missed you” heard in person.

Nights are longer, days are shorter but we still persist in being who we are and in connecting with those we love.

It honestly is hard to interact in that way as a brand. What can a brand do to embrace and warm and welcome people?

We made the Jamaica Blend to celebrate Jamaica’s coming into connection with women coffee farmers across the World. We now want to make it into a bigger but no less important product. The Jamaica Blend is comprised of our light, medium, medium dark, and dark roast coffee and celebrates Jamaica’s motto, “Out of Many, One People”.

We think that message is so appropriate for this Holiday Season when we all will be coming together in spirit or in person to celebrate the best of Humanity – giving, gratitude, unity, family: the Hearth.

Won’t you join us in a cup?