To Celebrate Women, an Exclusive Blend

Today, at the IWCA Breakfast at SCA in Boston, Jamaica will become a Chapter of IWCA which seeks to connect, empower and advance.

Rowan’s Royale is celebrating this day with a special offer ONLY available online: 19 medium bags of a special roast honoring Jamaican woman – one for each year it has taken us to get our seat at the IWCA table.


This new blended roast represents the strength and vitality of Jamaican women, our resilience, our humour and our fortitude.

We are a wonderful mixture of races and Jamaica’s motto “Out of Many One People” attests to that. It is always said that if you have three children; be prepared, one may be black, one white and one khaki. So with this roast we seek to capture the flavours of our heritage.

The Jamaica Chapter’s 1st Executive is led by some young, dynamic, women; quality managers and trainers, researchers on the social and economic realities of the coffee industry in Jamaica, exporters, promoters, farmers…

If you would like to be part of the Jamaica Chapter you can find the information below (and yes coffee aficionados are welcome!).

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