On the Fifth Day of Christmas there are no gold rings for small scale coffee farmers.

Do you know that, traditionally, when farmers sell a box of coffee (about 30lbs of ripe red coffee cherries), to a processor, they are paid around 60% of the agreed price per box. Then the final payment (wrongly called bonus) is paid at the end of August or September. 

This actually allows the large buyers/processors to invest that 40% to process the coffee to green bean, ship, trade and collect for their sales. 
The $$$ are never placed in escrow for small farmers and they earned no interest on that 40%. 
Patronizingly, as if small farmers are unable to manage their own financial affairs, the final payment is made, annually in time for school fees to be paid! Thus, some farmers in areas which begin harvest in September and October wait almost year for that final payment!

Up to 2017 this system was in place. But, some farmers have never received their final payment with processors claiming that because of slow and low sales these payments could not be afforded. In other words it is small farmers that are absorbing the risk of the industry!

2018 has brought uncertainty, low prices per box, and payments even more unsure. 
2019 needs a clean slate, new vision, true partnerships