Recently we shipped a package of coffee to Quebec.   Normally such an otherwise unremarkable thing would not merit special mention but this was no ordinary shipment. It originated because of, as Bullock reminds us, the the certainty of death and taxes, but ended with a live connection between two places separated by an ocean. This year we were assisted in our taxes by a very nice man from Quebec.  In our discussions he came to know our farm is in Jamaica and, lo and behold, we came to know he is related to two dear families who in turnRead More →

Carbon capture machinery.


In 1992, Rowan’s Royale pivoted to an Earth-first business model. At that time this meant converting to organic farming methods, adopting biodynamism, replanting trees and co-planting native flora to attract native fauna. Those efforts still form the backbone of our farm but as the World evolves, so to do the options for promoting ecological commerce. Today we partnered with Stripe Climate. A portion of every order will now be paid into a fund that directly purchases carbon from the atmosphere and develops carbon removal technologies and helps them scale. This is a significantly improved solution to carbon offset programs sinceRead More →