photo of red boxes

Like so many others, Jamaican culture has always revolved around the hearth – the warm embrace of home and care and nurturing and family. The hearth is the first thing tended in the morning and the last thing rested in the evening. It is where we find sustenance, where we find community and where we celebrate. It has been a long year for all of us. It’s been a year of stress, trepidation, fear, and for some of us sadness and separation. The capital ‘H’ hearth – the one we all know and remember in our minds be it aRead More →

“Out of many, one people” became the official motto of Jamaica following Independence in 1962. We created a signature blend to celebrate the great width and breadth of Jamaican society. Our island is home to descendants of Taino Indians, East Indian and Chinese labourers, Irish and Scottish servants and foremen, English colonialists and African slaves – all of them are part of Jamaica and we are them. Our special Jamaica Blend celebrates to our unique history, mixing our light, medium, medium dark and dark roasts to create a unique coffee experience. With light notes of new grass and hibiscus toRead More →