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Temperatures are falling, days are becoming shorter and with the US election fast approaching everyone is wondering about an October surprise… SURPRISE! From today until the end of US Election day on November 3rd, all 200g and 300g coffee is on sale! Shop now and bring some Jamaican warmth into your life – no problem.Read More →

Rowan’s Royale got an email from CERES our German-based Organic certifier. The email reminded us that we need to send in our OMP – our Organic Management Plan. Every year, like Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, the reminder for the OMP comes along. Then I knuckle down and complete and send if off. This is the first step in the verification process which brings an inspector to Jamaica to verify our farm production activities, our processing and export and our full documentation of every step. This year, although we sent in the OMP many months ago, COVID restrictions prevent theRead More →