“Out of many, one people” became the official motto of Jamaica following Independence in 1962.

We created a signature blend to celebrate the great width and breadth of Jamaican society. Our island is home to descendants of Taino Indians, East Indian and Chinese labourers, Irish and Scottish servants and foremen, English colonialists and African slaves – all of them are part of Jamaica and we are them.

Our special Jamaica Blend celebrates to our unique history, mixing our light, medium, medium dark and dark roasts to create a unique coffee experience. With light notes of new grass and hibiscus to dark notes of roasted breadfruit and brown rum, each cup of our signature Jamaica Blend is a journey through Jamaican life.

This season we’re discounting our entire collection placing an extra discount on the Jamaica Blend.

This year especially, we all will be doubling down on coming together, creating community and celebrating strength in our diversity. The end of year holidays in many cultures are about coming together, about warmth and light. In Jamaica coffee is central to our communities. We share a cup in the morning with family, we share a cup with coworkers and friends, we share a cup after dinner.

If you are coming together with family or if the pandemic is keeping you apart, we invite you to join us in a warm cup of togetherness. This season let’s all reconvene and reconnect with what matters most – our neighbors, our friends, and our family.