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The majestic Blue Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, form the backbone of the island of Jamaica.

The farm is situated in the Blue Mountains – an area known for the high quality of the coffee produced there and its outstanding natural beauty.

The mountains rise to over 7000 feet above sea level and have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site (opens to an external site).

The farm itself is at a height of over 4000 feet, above Silver Hill Gap in Portland, Jamaica – situated in the Blue and John Crow Mountains nature reserve.

Family Owned And Operated

Dorienne and Tony reaping ripe coffee cherries.

In 1957, Dorienne Rowan-Campbell’s father, Horace Rowan-Campbell, bought the land from the Benns – family friends whose ties and friendship spans across 4 generations.

The Benns were coffee growers, but the highest part of the land on the south side of the farm had not been used for many years.  Dorienne’s father replanted this area and began coffee farming anew.  Land was laid out by the Coffee guru of those days, Mr Moss.

Eventually the family moved to Canada and the farm was ruinate for many years.  Dorienne began resuscitation in 1992 using an organic model, but planting on the plots Mr. Moss laid out previously.

Today the farm remains family owned and operated.  The management and marketing team is made up of Dorienne, her son Rowan and husband Tony.  On a day to day basis, the farm management quality control and inspections rest with Dorienne and Tony, and they work with their farm team to pick, pulp, dry, store size, grade, roast and package the coffee.

Our Team

The current core team has worked together at Rowan’s Royale since 1999.  The original foreman, Mr Maragh, retired in 2016, succeeded by Mr. Miller.  Mr. Miller has worked on many farms in the US’ North East and has a great deal of experience on conventional farms.  He has since acquired knowledge and skills in organic production and brings his unique knowledge set and expertise to the farm.

Dorienne is a member of JOAM (the Jamaican Organic Agricultural Movement) and the Jamaica Coffee Growers Association (JCGA), an association of small farmers through whom the farm is licensed to trade.
Rowan assists Dorienne and Tony with management of the farm.
Dorian cares for the farm’s online presence and ecommmerce efforts and interfaces with merchants and corporate accounts in the US.