We expected coffee flavor but diluted and what we received was anything but. The sun coffee has a light, nutty flavor with a beautiful Amaretto sweetness. It is not unlike almond tea, but with a decided hint of fine tobacco.Read More →

As 2018 departs, we look forward to the new year, to the opportunities it brings, but also, crucially, to the first harvest of 2019. The trees are healthy and abundantly fruitful. We cannot wait to harvest the new crop and share it with you all. There are many options in the marketplace, we know, and we are committed to creating not only the highest quality coffee, but doing so in a responsible and fair manner. Industry can be a force for good! Please take a minute to let us know what is important to you when “voting with your dollars”.Read More →

Correlation <> causation, but it’s something to think about! A new study adds to growing evidence that drinking coffee may help you live longer. Research in JAMA Internal Medicine shows people who drank one cup of coffee a day had an 8% lower risk of dying early. Those who drank six to seven cups a day saw a 16% decrease: pic.twitter.com/lvE8SBPBqe — CBS News (@CBSNews) July 3, 2018Read More →