IWCA Jamaica Limited Edition Blend

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A panoply of colors and flavors, the unique melange that is Rowan’s Royale IWCA Jamaica roast mimics Jamaica’s motto: “Out of Many One People.”

This blended roast captured the complexity and diversity of Jamaican women, our heritage, vitality, strength, humour, fortitude, and resilience.

Each bag contains 200 grams of this special roast.

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Jamaican women are a wonderful mixture of races.  It is always said that if you have three children be prepared: one may be black, one white and one khaki.

This roast captured the complex flavours of our heritage, our vitality, strength, humour, fortitude, and resilience.

Jamaica’s motto is “Out of Many One People”.  Come join us with a cup of our special edition IWCA Jamaica blend!

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