ROWAN’S ROYALE (RR) recently participated in a Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Webinar on COVID-19, Coffee and Food Safety. Each year, before inspection for Organic Certification by CERES GmbH, RR must update its Hazard Analysis and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Organic Processing. Although much of the SCA Webinar focussed on protecting personnel working in processing plants, roasters, cafes and the management of serving coffee to the public, it raised a number of issues/lessons which we have taken on board and we have adapted our 2020 SOPs. Ensure minimum human interaction with the coffee: At a maximum RR has only 7Read More →

Even if you have a passing interest in baking, you’ll probably have these ingredients on hand. This cookie is a simple crowd-pleasing addition to any after dinner coffee service. Read More →

Coffee Preparation Inspector

French press coffee is a storied tradition, a delight to the senses, a simple treat for oneself or to share with a friend. The ritual builds anticipation, the method balances aromas and flavors into a wonderful, robust melange.Read More →