Old Monkland’s Works C 1890 – from Jamaica Surveyed by W. Higman.

Coffee is central to Jamaican life.

Introduced to the Island by the British in the 18th century, coffee quickly became a staple crop of Jamaican slave plantations and was widely served to and enjoyed by owner and owned, alike.

After the abolition of slavery in the colonies in the early 19th century, coffee remained a core element of the Jamaican diet. Labourers would take a bowl of coffee in the morning as part of breakfast, and then again in the afternoon (tea being an expensive luxury only for the middle class), and also after dinner.

Coffee and the coffee service is a central part of celebrations and special occasions and being invited to coffee is an important rite of passage – much like being invited to tea.

In Jamaica we use coffee in our cocktails, to flavor pastries and some even use it as an unction or topical skin treatment.

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