On the Fifth Day of Christmas there are no gold rings for small scale coffee farmers. Do you know that, traditionally, when farmers sell a box of coffee (about 30lbs of ripe red coffee cherries), to a processor, they are paid around 60% of the agreed price per box. Then the final payment (wrongly called bonus) is paid at the end of August or September.  This actually allows the large buyers/processors to invest that 40% to process the coffee to green bean, ship, trade and collect for their sales. The $$$ are never placed in escrow for small farmers and they earned no interest on thatRead More →

The nights are colder, the days shorter, but the coffee remains piping hot and delicious!  Christmas soon come, where ya lama? We just finished a new roast of our signature organic Blue Mountain coffee and from now until the end of 2018 all our coffee (except sample packs) are on sale.  As an added thank you, all orders to the US and Canada over USD $60 will ship free.  No code, no card, no coupon needed. Give to the coffee lover in your life, or indulge yourself for all your hard work this coming year – you deserve some deggedey!  Christmas a come! It’s ourRead More →