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               100% Organic Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

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About Our Coffee

Rowan's Royale Organic Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is grown on a small farm above Silver Hill Gap in Portland, Jamaica at a height of over 4,000ft. There have been no pesticides, fungicides or herbicides used on the farm for the last 15 years and no inorganic fertilisers for 5 years.

Rowan's Royale coffee is largely shade grown. Care is taken to preserve wild flowers and shrubs that support an active bird population. The farm is part of the Blue and John Crow Mountain National Park and is thus a nature reserve. Employees on the coffee farm participate regularly in organic seminars and workshops.
About Our Coffee


Rowans Royale is hand- picked, washed, pulped, sun dried, hand-checked, sized, sorted and then roasted to customer specification.

Organic Certification

Rowan's Royale was first certified in 2002 by BCS OKO, for both on and off-farm production. Since 2004 it has been certified by CERES GmbH (Ge3rmany) to EC 2092/91 and NOP organic standards. The German Certifying Agency inspects the farm once a year to ensure that RR is in compliance with all the organic regulations and legislation in the EC and North America and as of 2009, Japan.

Current Certificate
Rowan's Royale.
EC 834/2007 & EC 889 2008 Certificate # 18649 , NOP #18650, JAPAN #118651
& Canadian Compliance  
VALID UNTIL 28 February 2015    

Customer Quote

"The coffee is absolutely excellent, I've shared some with friends of mine and they think it's wonderful as well." - A. Moore, Canada

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